About Siren Journals

Siren Journals is the acronym for the consortium of journals published by various Nigerian Universities in collaboration with Siren Research Centre for African Universities.
The Memorandum of Understanding empowers the collaborating Universities to have absolute control over the editorial quality of the articles to be published in the Journals. It is their obligation to review, edit, sub-edit, fine-tune or recommend for fine-tuning and proof-reading the article to ensure that premium quality is attained in conformity with global best practices.
The duty of Siren Journals on the other hand, is to print hard copies, build website and ensure that published articles are online, strive to index the Journals in global platforms like Google Scholar, ResearchGate, Academia.edu etc.
The collaborating University is the publisher of the Journals while Siren Research Center for African Universities (Siren Journals) is a printer, Marketer, Advertiser, Sales promoter and public relations consultant firm.

Imsubizness Journals is a generic name for journals published by the Faculty of Business Administration, Imo State University, Owerri, Imo State, Nigeria. It consists of:
1. West African Journal of Business and Management Sciences.
2. Imsu Journal of Business and Finance.
3. Imsu Journal of African Contemporary Research.
4. African Social and Educational Journal.
Imsubizness Journals accept articles from the world of business, social sciences and education which meet the required premium standard. Its coverage extends to the entire Business Administration and Management Science Spectrum as well as Social Sciences and Education.

The Uniport Journals hereby referred are the Journals published by the Accounting Department, University of Port Harcourt, Choba, Rivers State in collaboration with Siren Research Center for African Universities (Siren Journals). It consists of 3 Journals namely:
1. Uniport Journal of Accounting and Business.
2. Uniport Journal of Business and Economy.
3. Uniport Journal of Business, Accounting and Finance Management.
The fourth Journal under the umbrella of Uniport Journals is Development Studies Round Table. It is a multidisciplinary Journal targeting over- all human development, but with special interest in Political and Administrative Development.

The IAUOE Journals being published in collaboration with Siren Research Centre for African Universities presently are 4 in number. They are made up of 2 Science Journals, 1 Marketing Journal, and 1 Social and Education Journal. The 2 Science Journals are outlined as follows:
1. Science and Industrial Technology Education Journal
2. IAUOE Journal of Science and Technology
The Marketing/Management Journal is Business and Marketing Chronicle while the multi-disciplinary Journal is IAUOE Social and Education Journal. Each Journal has its own mission statement which explains its Focus and Coverage.

Salem Journals captures a particular collection of journals which Salem University publishes in collaboration with Siren Research Centre for African University (Siren Journals). It consists of Journals namely:
1. S.U Journal of Social and Policy Research.
2. S.U Journal of Business and Economy
3. S.U Journal of Science, Information and Communication Technology
The mission and mandate of these Journals is to advance the frontier of knowledge through Research and Development.

UNIHEZ Journals are published by the College of Social and Management Sciences, Hezekiah University, Umudi, Imo State Nigeria. It consists of 4 Journals namely:
1. Unihez Journal of Management and Social Sciences
2. Unihez Social and Policy Journal
3. Unihez Journal of contemporary Research
4. Unihez Journal of Humanities and Education
Like any other center for promoting ideas, the mission of Unihez Journals is to promote cross-fertilization of ideas among researchers for the advancement of human capital development.

The mission of Rhema University journal of Management and Social Sciences (RUJMSS) is to publish peer-reviewed, original and high-quality articles that contribute significantly to the advancement of management and social sciences theories, applications and practices, and to the development and enhancement of best professional practices. RUJMSS provides an international communication forum for discussions, debates, and collaborations between management and social science researchers and practitioners.

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